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FILM SHOOTING PHOTOGRAPHY Upon making a film, a photographer is part of a film crew. Working with a film […]

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PHOTO & GRAPHIC PROJECTS A selection from some projects that I was involved in as a photographer, […]

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MY TRIPS PHOTOGRAPHY In recent years, travelling and exploring new places is a massive source of […]

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BLACK & WHITE A selection of scans of some classic baryta black and white photographs […]

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SERVICES I offer professional photographic and graphic design services for your web pages, print, PR […]

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ROBERT VANO GALLERY In 2010 I was a co-founder of the Robert Vano Gallery, through this organization […]

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Mayo Hirc

My name is Mayo Hirc, I live in Bratislava (Slovakia), I have a wife Miška, daughter Greta a dog Bruno, and a huge passion for photography. Photography has become my means of expression and I was most inclined to portraiture, fine art female photography, and fashion, in which emotion and story are always essential. While shooting product and commercial photographs in studio, I like on the contrary technical modalities, special studio lighting, and coming close to visual mastery of a product depiction in a given environment. Throughout my photography career, I´ve been accompanied by cooperation in film projects as a photographer, but also as a graphic designer. It has always been and is a great experience to catch a unique atmosphere and be part of an invisible film “gear”, which makes a moment eternal in moving images. Each new project I work on makes me go forward and I feel pleased when my several years’ experience and creative approach can satisfy a client.